Leadership Assessment

Leadership Assessment provides you with a comprehensive and objective evaluation of current competences and future potential of your leaders.

We work with you to understand the business challenges for the role, before identifying the key competencies and criteria for evaluation. The candidate is then thoroughly assessed through in-depth interviews, personality profiling, ability tests and situational tests to benchmark them against the required criteria.

Leadership Assessment Helps You With…

Promotion & Succession Planning – to assess high potential employees to see if they are ready to take the next step up now or in the future

Talent Benchmarking – to find out how your existing leadership team or a potential acquisitions’ leadership team compare to their external peers

Team Development – to assess your teams, identifying skills and competencies which may require development

Leadership Assessment Includes…

  • Independent interview
  • Personality profiling
  • Ability tests
  • Leadership assessment
  • Benchmarking vs external talent
  • Comprehensive report with recommendation
  • Follow up and feedback with candidates