Talent Mapping

Sometimes, you may want to explore the market before committing to a full executive search or you need insight to inform your resourcing plans.

Talent Mapping is a proactive approach to discovering what talent is in the market and how they align with different roles you may be recruiting in the future.

We thoroughly research the market for you, based on your brief, and provide a summary of who is out there, what their relevant experience is, how affordable they are and importantly – how open they are to new opportunities. It can also be used to get feedback on your employer brand perception.

It is delivered with a high level of discretion and in some cases without divulging the identity of the client.

Talent Mapping Helps You With…

Confidentiality – we speak to candidates without revealing who the client is at this stage.

Break off point – if you decide you need to rethink the role profile or pause for a while before proceeding to a full executive search, a talent mapping exercise accommodates this.

Adjustments – You can adjust the job specification according to what the talent map reveals. This is particularly useful if you aren’t 100% certain what you can ask for in a role or where the talent is located.

Salary Benchmarking – Get real world, up to date data on the exact position you want to recruit, and what competitors are actually paying. This is information that generic salary benchmarking and job evaluation tools can’t provide.

Talent Mapping Includes…

  • Market mapping to research candidates
  • Longlist market mapping report
  • Confidential approaches to passive candidates
  • Location & salary information
  • Level of interest