Executive Search

When it comes to the leadership and management of your business there are no shortcuts. Getting the right talent for the right roles is fundamental to business success.

We also know from experience that there is no one size fits all approach to executive search and every client has different needs and requirements to really narrow down the right candidates for the job. Some clients choose to do personality profiling in-house, or use a specific provider for leadership assessments and some like us to provide this, tailored to the specific role.

That’s why we have tailored three executive search packages so there is an option that can be adapted to meet every clients’ needs.

Executive Search:

Ideal for you if you need the best talent the market has to offer. Some of the most frequent reasons clients require executive search over traditional methods are:

  • Scarcity – there is a significant skills shortage in the market
  • Seniority – for a senior management vacancy of strategic importance
  • Diversity – you wish to improve the diversity of your existing team
  • Competitors – to hire the best talent from within your direct market
  • New Skills – you need to bring in fresh talent from allied industries
  • Rigour – a thorough recruitment process leaving no stone unturned
  • Confidentiality – complete discretion throughout the process
  • Urgency – you want to hire within a defined and urgent timescale
  • Market Specialist – talent acquisition expertise within your sector
  • Quality – you cannot compromise and wish to hire the very best candidate in the market.

Executive Search Plus:

If you want additional insight into a candidates’ working style or approach, and don’t have the capability internally then Executive Search may be a good fit. This option offers:

  • Culture Fit – to assess how candidates might fit with your team
  • Risk Mitigation – minimises the risk of the hiring process
  • Insight – for additional insight into preferred working style.

Executive Search Premium:

For critical hires and the most senior leadership roles, executive search premium leaves no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the suitability of your candidates. This may be the right option for you if you require:

  • Leadership – you require leadership assessment of the preferred candidates for in-depth feedback on their leadership style
  • Comprehensive – to assess the candidate in five different ways; interview, personality profiles, ability tests, referencing and leadership scenario tests.

Our Packages Includes…